Sonic Unyon

What a strange little CD. Their bio says that they were influenced by Quicksand and Pegboy; I can see the Pegboy, but I can’t see the Quicksand. At any rate, Sectorseven play angry, somewhat melodic punk rock, similar to NOFX or early Offspring. There are some facets of Bad Religionism here and there as well (see the very poorly harmonized chorus of “Open Season” — it’s 100% Greg Graffin).

Dual is very well played, tight, and catchy, everything that this type of music should be. I usually hate this type of music with a passion, finding it completely played out and stale, but there’s something unique about Sectorseven that I can’t put my finger on… Their guitars are brutally crunchy and aggressive, and are the highlight of the recording, but that’s not it. The drums are precise, sharp, and hard, but no, that’s not it, either. There’s an unspoken something here that’s great!

This record is filled with fast paced rockers all the way through! Luckily and thankfully, Sectorseven mix things up on tracks like “No Time Like Now,” a trashy, balls-out rock song, similar to early Kiss stuff. All Right! “Floor Mat” reminds me, very much so, of Ignition-era Offspring (I don’t care what any punk snobs say; that record was really good!). There’s a lot worse bands that these guys could sound like!

Anyway, for a staunch enemy of this played out genre of punk to say that this record is worth buying, you should know that it’s pretty decent. I searched for things to complain about on this one, but I couldn’t find much. It’s just a really great, California-style punk rock record. I’ll never cease to be amazed!

Sonic Unyon Records:

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