Seven Witches

Seven Witches

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Unlike so many other bands performing metal, Seven Witches remembers what constitutes great heavy music. Inspired by the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and even Rush and Kansas, Seven Witches conjures up a heavy ride that relies on melody, soaring vocals, guitar work that is more than power chords.

The opening track, “Metal Tyrant,” is a warning shot indicating they mean business. The track indicates they’re here to reclaim metal from the assorted boy bands in scary masks and from here the album only picks up momentum. Wade Black (ex-Crimson Glory) displays his prowess as a vocalist as he hits soaring notes from the opening seconds and continues throughout. For those of you sick of the bellicose bellowing that passes for singing today, Wade’s voice offers a useful corrective.

The rhythm section is ace throughout, Brian Craig on drums keeps a non-stop pounding throughout while bassist Billy Mez provides the rhythm. But despite all their contributions, Seven Witches remains, in many respects, founder Jack Frost’s vehicle throughout. His guitar work dominates the album, and he is truly impressive as he veers from heavy riffing at one point to heavy guitar leads and solos at others.

An album that should leave many of their peers shaking their heads in awe, Seven Witches displays why they may be one of metal’s best-kept secrets. Keeping the energy up throughout, this album ends way too soon.

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