Source Of Labor

Source Of Labor

Stolen Lives

Jasiri / Subverse

I know, to all you Ludacris, Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and Jermaine Dupri fans out there, underground hip-hop heads must sound like complete idiots when we bemoan the current state of rap. Perhaps, one day you’ll get it. And, when you do, Subverse Music is one of the labels you need to check out. Micranots, Big Jus, and Rubberroom are formidable acts in the arena that give me hope for rap’s future. Now, their latest act, Source Of Labor has to be added to the list.

Negus I and Wordsayer bring Seattle hip-hop to the fore (face it, it’s been a long time since Mix-A-Lot’s posse rocked Broadway) and introduce themselves as a group to look out for. Conscious to the core, these brothers claim to be “sharing in a timeless ritual of energy and exchange.” And I’m feeling it. While at times uneven, Negus lays down crucial tracks like “Easy,” “Ascension,” and “Wonder Twins” (sample that Fela, boy!), and Wordsayer’s lyrics spread seeds of knowledge instead of some of the foul bullshit you find spewing from the lips of the aforementioned rappers — and way too many others.

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