The Persuasions

The Persuasions

Sing The Beatles


Though this old doo-wop act has been around forever, I had not heard of them until the 2G, when they released their colossal Frankly A Cappella. That album was an energetic cover of Frank Zappa tunes that was just so much fun to listen to it plastered a smile on your face so deep that it was hard to remove. They followed that college radio darling up with a Grateful Dead cover album (which I unfortunately have not heard). Apparently, this formula’s working wonders for them, because the quartet now lend their a cappella touch to the Fab Four. With the same, good-time spirit that infected the Zappa project, this disc is sure to please you (unless, of course, you’re some kind of pretentious purist who needs the posterior pole surgically removed). I don’t know, these guys have a certain soul and humor and undeniable talent that’s soul-warmingly infectious. You simply cannot stop bouncing like a giddy, little schoolgirl when they sing classics like “Come Together,” “Love Me Do,” “With a Little Help From My Friends,” and the piece de resistance, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Sometimes, we all need a little fun in our musical diet, and The Persuasions provide a heaping portion of it.

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