The Secession Movement

The Secession Movement


Keep Safe

Drawing heavily on recent, brainy math-rock comes The Secession Movement, offering a couple of great song titles — how about “Aren’t We Revolving, We Are Revolving, Aren’t We?” and “Dazzling Freud With Finger Exercises” — and an abundance of great songs. Jumping, upbeat emo-core stands right next to fleeting, jazzy post-rock on this release, which combines the extroverted frustration of Cursive with the drowsier side of Tortoise. There’s an attractive element of pure punk power running throughout all the songs, that both unites and intensifies the overall feel of the album. And while a couple of the tracks do stand out — “Single File Line” and “Since You’ve Been Impressed” are both rather prime examples of that — there’s hardly a weak song on the entire album. A pleasant surprise.

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