Make Music Now!

Make Music Now!

Edited by Mitch Gallagher

Backbeat Books

It is now possible to create Sgt. Pepper’s on your laptop. All that is required is the gift of musical genius and the right tools. While this book won’t help in genius department, it will guide you through putting together a home studio, hard disc recording, and putting your music on the Internet. The volume covers recording from tape-based analog systems up to computer-based software packages that allow the home Brian Wilson to record, manipulate, loop, and deliver their music digitally. The book is written in an easy to follow style, unlike some others that assume that you graduated with a Master’s degree in sound engineering and then, as your Master’s thesis, you supervised the mixdown of the latest R.E.M. album. The editor, Mitch Gallagher is a former editor for Keyboard, so he’s well versed in MIDI technology, as well as being a working musician. Few things are more satisfying than hearing your own music on a playback. While it is up to you to make it interesting, Make Music Now! can certainly help make it sound good.

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