Bantam's Don't Be's

Don’t Be Such A Big-Mouth Two-Face

Once upon a time there was a small hurt person. A small hurt person with a big heart. A big heart with shit all over it. Shit from the ass of a queen. A queen of gossip. The gossip was good and I mean a real spectacular kind of good. What better gossip then the most truthful secrets from a small hurt person with a misguided faith in human decency?

In this story the small hurt person (we’ll call him Bill) discovered that by trusting a person to listen to his problems with his everyday life a strange revelation would occur. This person he trusted had two sides to her. A caring, friendly and interested side, and a selfish, untrustworthy side with a separate agenda. This more sinister side ultimately ruled the entire body in the overview. Bill trusted this mask of kindness taking in all of his most personal thoughts on relationships and the people around him, unaware of the trap he was slipping into and the noose fastening around his neck. The revelation occurred when his own words came back to him through numerous other people and supposed friends. They were his words but with slight changes thrown in to make things more exciting, he guessed. He heard the opinions that others kept about what he had said. Everyone seemed to have something to say but no one wanted to say these things to him. He wondered how much of what he was hearing was true. After all, his words had been twisted so maybe their words were too. His surroundings began to crumble. He suddenly discovered that he really didn’t have that many friends at all. Bill forgot what caused him to even be a small hurt person with a need to vent his frustrations. He could only think of a transformation that would cause him to become someone else………ME.

What the fuck is your problem, two-face? You’ve got some kind of big fucking mouth, I’ll tell you. Just because my lips were moving that didn’t mean yours had to. What are you, a journalist? Did my personal life help get you your big break on some fucked up news network amongst you and your friends? Holy shit, I don’t think fire could spread that fast. I told you my thoughts on the way in to work and five people told me my thoughts on the way out. Damn! What a nose too! You’ve got that thing so far up my ass you could smell my breath. You were all in my business acting like a friend. This chain reaction resulting from me talking to you made me realize the difference between a friend and a simple acquaintance. I can’t even call you that though. You’re maggot shit. I’d like to scratch off both of your faces and feed them to your parents. They birthed a disgusting creature.

Don’t be such a big mouth two-face. People tell you things simply because they have thoughts that bother them and need to come out. This doesn’t mean that all of these thoughts are true. Sometimes it just feels better to know that we can talk to someone. There is a trust we desire. Have you ever heard of that word “trust?” If you look it up you’ll see that it means belief in the honesty, reliability, etc. of another. It is a confident expectation. All this is probably hard for you to understand being as shallow as you are. You must talk about everyone else’s feelings because you have none of your own.

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