20 Miles

20 Miles

Keep It Coming

Fat Possum

20 Miles — which is Judah Bauer (from The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion), his brother Donovan on drums, and assorted friends — have grown from the murky, Delta blues skank of earlier releases to something now resembling a “normal” rock band. It’s a trip that perhaps they shouldn’t have embarked on. On their self-titled debut, the brothers charted unknown waters of sound, coming across as a pair of 90-year-old men recorded in a bathroom. Well, now they have spiffed up the sound and toned down some of the more odd edges of their music, and you can almost imagine this being played on college radio between Palace and Ween. Hell, at moments, such as on “Beautiful Dream,” they sound like a lesser version of Z.Z Top. We’ll stick the originals, thank ya very much. Which, come to think of it, is good advice for 20 Miles, too.

Fat Possum Records: http://www.fatpossum.com

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