Azure Ray

Azure Ray

Burn And Shiver


Azure Ray, comprised of Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor, both of Now It’s Overhead fame, have produced an album of ethereal, tender, slightly bent music that defies categorization and exhales tense beauty. Lush, almost clinical backing tracks contrast with the pair’s careful, considered vocals to create the sound of rare and ice-cold, shimmering moments. On tracks like the almost unbelievably beautiful “Seven Days” and the sad “While I’m Still Young,” Azure Ray have created startling music, admirable and enigmatic like artifacts in a museum, while at other times they are too drifting and far-away to encourage any communication with, and involvement from the listener. Like a sweeping, drifting Low, Azure Ray have more things going for them than most, but have yet to make the fully realized album that they surely have in them.

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