Billy Music

Billy Music

Midwest Index

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Billy Music is the kind of band that should be famous, but isn’t. These guys play very nicely structured emo stuff, similar to pre-Bleed American Jimmy Eat World, crossed with Elliot. It’s a great combination, and I can honestly say that Midwest Index is as good as Jimmy Eat World, even on their best day.

The first song of real punch is “Stereofoam,” which pounds away with heavy drumming, ringy bass, pristinely distorted guitars, and inviting vocals. The song REALLY sounds like J.E.W., more so than on any other place on the record, which is probably why I like it so much.

“Empiricist” is a full-on emo rocker, with plenty of starty-stoppiness and melodic guitars. “Etude” features drum sound like that of what you would hear on a Steve Albini/ Bob Weston produced record: huge, thundering bass drum, and a sharp, crisp snare. It’s really great!

This record is a thoroughly joyous ride through the recesses of Jimmy Eat World song presentation. I guess it could be said that Billy Music is unoriginal, but I tend to think they do it better than the originals, so I’m kind of torn… 100% recommended.

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