Models Are Pretty

Holy crap! This is absolutely terrible!

For this part of the review, imagine that I’m really excited about something, but I’m trying to contain my excitement while I’m whispering… OK., ready? As I said, this CD is absolutely hideous. Carltonfisk play rock & roll that attempts to be unique, with weird bass guitar noises, Moog keyboards, and weird guitar effects [my voice is slowly rising in volume]. Sadly, the attempt is feeble and completely entertaining, for it offers a funny look at a band playing music which is awful, [now my voice is relatively loud, and I seem to be on the verge of a freak out] yet the members are completely oblivious to it! Wow!

I had you imagine me whispering because the singer does this on “Lying Around,” the album’s opener; it’s comedic, to say the least. Anyway, the rest of the record finds the singer pretending to be Anthony Kiedis, while the band pound away the distorted barre chords through their very “alternative”-sounding (circa 1993) guitar amps. The back-up vocals on “Famous on the Moon” almost, repeat, ALMOST make this record listenable… but only for the hilarity. It sounds like the back up singer sang his part into a pillow. Really!

I’m sorry to be so negative about this record, but I had heard good things about Carltonfisk from someone, and I was TREMENDOUSLY let down. If you’re into mid-1990s alternarock, give this a [gulp] try.


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