December Wolves

December Wolves

Blasterpiece Theatre


Holy crap! The album title is extremely accurate! December Wolves play incredibly fast and speedy grindcore, with all kinds of weird vocal samples thrown here and there, blast beats pounding constantly, and purely evil vocals straight from the darkest recesses of your mind.

Blasterpiece Theatre is completely astounding. It is truly amazing that music this fast and chaotic can be made to sound good, but it truly does! The vocalist has quite possibly one of the greatest mid-range growls in the history of the world. The guitarists are very talented and come up with some wonderfully melodic, and very dark riffs!

The most amazing part of this band would have to be the incredible drumming. I can’t believe how incredibly fast the beats are; I’m guessing the drummer has to be using a drum machine or something, because the beats are inhumanly fast. The record is worth buying simply for how awesome the drums sound.

I think you have to be a true fan of metal to appreciate music so completely chaotic and crazy. This stuff is truly amazing and I really think everyone should give this record one good, thorough listen, metal fan or not. It’s a wonderful look into the darker side of life.

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