DJ Spooky

DJ Spooky

Modern Mantra


Spooky, ski cap and all, is simply one of the coolest DJs out there. The man does things with a record that are just insane — and illegal in some states. That’s what makes him the best, and Modern Mantra the best mix CD of the Shadow Mix series (which features DJs as diverse as Richard Hinge and BMF doing what they do best). Mantra is definitely for the ADD dance crowd, with 26 songs sliced and diced in less than 80 minutes. And Spooky, as he does in a live show, throws in everything, the kitchen sink, and some modern-day appliances. Damn near every dance genre one can imagine is represented in this mix with folks like Bill Laswell, DJ Krush, DJ Cam, Goo, Shinju Gumi, Jack Dangers, Spaceways, and Moby. And it shows the talent that this man has in his ability to take this seeming cacophony, meld it into a seamless mix, and not once sound a wrong note. Modern Mantra is dizzying and mind-boggling but a damned good time, a testament to the genius of “That Subliminal Kid.”

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