What It Is to Burn


No matter how hard I try, I can’t hate Finch — and their debut full-length album, What It Is to Burn, makes it even more difficult. With 13 tracks (two of which can be found on Finch’s EP Falling Into Place), the album is a mix of pop-punk, hardcore, and melodic, catchy riffs. Yet, the mix is somewhat unbalanced. Each of the songs would most likely have sounded better had they been a little bit heavier or little bit lighter. Finch combines two related musical styles, but failed to find a happy median.

Despite these criticisms, I have to admit I enjoyed What It Is to Burn and I have a feeling most punk and hardcore fans will as well. Finch are in a good spot right now for more than one reason — they have already garnered plenty of buzz due to extensive touring (including this summer’s Vans’ Warped Tour) and also to the fact that Daryl Palumbo, vocalist for New York hardcore outfit, Glassjaw, does vocals on two tracks, “Grey Matter” and “Project Mayhem” (a never-ending song with absolutely no melody or rhythm). Glassjaw are quickly becoming “the next big thing” in music and Finch are right there riding along next to them. Both bands have played numerous shows together, with Finch capitalizing on Glassjaw’s success. Having the same manager would seem to be a marketing plus.

What It Is to Burn is an album that you will want to hate, but like me, you won’t succeed. Finch is just too damn likeable for their own good. Buy the album. Don’t buy the album. I don’t care, but be forewarned, you WILL like What It Is to Burn so don’t even bother trying otherwise.


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