Jack Dangers

Jack Dangers

Variaciones Espectrales

Bella Union / Instinct

The mad vegan of Meat Beat Manifesto, the positron pioneer of the electron dance world, who broke him a beat by the time he was three, Jack Dangers is back, taking up the Bella Union’s “Series 7” challenge. Taking a brief respite from his duty at Tino Corp., Dangers produced the required seven songs in seven days. The disc starts off with a futuristic, Mephisto pong song, “Nano,” and ends much the same way with “Echo In Space.” The rest of Variaciones Espectrales explodes with that neo-Buddy Rich, carnivorous acoustic drumming that goes off like an M-80 in your ear along with the customary tweaks and twerks, crimps and crunches that we’ve grown used to hearing from this multifarious artist. Though not as “danceable” as one might expect, “Zxero” is already making it onto mixes. And “3:00 min” is an abstracted jazz that a DJ Sun Ra and MC Ornette would be proud of. I’ve only heard two of the five installments of the “Series 7” project, but what I’ve heard is very intriguing work. I look forward to the last three installments (the eighth disc will be a “Best of”) and will definitely look back at the three I’ve missed.

Instinct Records: http://www.instinctrecords.com • Jack Dangers: http://www.tinocorp.com

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