Laura Minor

Laura Minor

Salesman’s Girl


Female singer songwriters. Sure, you have the classics like Joni Mitchell or the contemporary great ones like Lucinda Williams or Ani DiFranco, but there is also a swarm of others — some obscure, some quite famous — that do little to advance music. They frankly all sound alike and their songs have so little life they are already fading by the time you listen to them. Adrift in this sea of off-tune, often cliched mediocrity, a siren like Laura Minor can give one new hope. She reminds one a lot of two fellow southern girls; Shannon Wright and Shelby Lynne. She has poetic lyrics that rival Shannon Wright and a pop sensibility with a country flavored voice that echoes Lynne. From her sweet, soulful voice, to her serious yet witty lyrics and a style as endearing as her smile, Laura Minor can’t miss.

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