Rock-N-Roll Au Go-Go

Rock-N-Roll Au Go-Go

Vol. 6

Devil Doll

There’s this sub-subgenre of rock and roll called just “rock-n-roll,” it’s sort of some garagey elements with more hard rock elements, with an early-’70s vibe, and these four bands all play in this style. Think Black Sabbath on speed, or Motorhead playing garage rock, and you’re in the ballpark. Lots of “muthafuckah!” exhortations and Ace Frehley and Angus licks. And loud fuzzed-out guitars. Really loud.

There are four bands on this international compilation, each with 2 songs. America’s 69 Charger is just too screechy vocally to listen to even for a couple songs. Hellride, from Scandinavia, would be OK if not for the mysogynist lyrics — sexism does not make you badasses, boys, just stupid. Aussie entry Musclecar and the US’s Peepshows are the keepers here.

Extra bonus points for the cover photos of former Penthouse Pet Julie Strain in a bustier.

Devil Doll Records:

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