Secret Machines

Secret Machines

Secret Machines EP

Ace Fu

Sometimes, you’ll hear a song and immediately know it’s the perfect First Song for your next mix tape. Other times, you’ll know it’s the perfect Last Song. Ironically, the first song on here is one of those perfect last songs, though it’s definitely strong enough to open this brief six-song album.

The aforementioned “Marconi’s Radio” begins with solitary electric piano notes, then slowly builds up to a cacophonous rattle before smoothly segueing into a Pink Floyd-ish yearning ballad. How slowly? About five minutes.

Besides the Pink Floyd prog rock influence, Secret Machines have sizeable chunks of the Flaming Lips and a viscous dose of heavy psychedelic pop. The album closes with a remix of the opening “Marconi’s Radio,” this time a more animated version heavy on the percussion. This is worth hearing, and Secret Machines are worth watching.

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