Oblivion and Points Beyond


Listening to Sideways’s Oblivion and Points Beyond, I feel the need to style my hair in a beehive, don a pair of go-go boots, and pony my way down to the boardwalk in search of some groovy guys to win a surf contest for me.

Another project of Ed Ackerson’s (founder of the band Polara and owner/operator of the Flowers Studio in Minneapolis,) Sideways is a one-man “all-instrumental big beat 60’s pop freakout project,” according to Mmm yes. ’60s surfy instrumentals featuring a Hammond organ and twangy guitar is perfect for the beach or summer crusin’ with the top down.

I prefer the high energy tracks — “Chase Halt,” “Oblivion and Points Beyond,” and “Emerson High Street” all have that summertime carefree vibe. “A View of the City From an Airplane” is salty-sweet, like ocean spray in your sno-cone, and “Rails For Days” is drenched in blues goodness. “Emerson High Street” even features a harpsichord!

The only song I don’t like is “Message From Mota,” which sounds like bad third-wave ska. But the other tracks are sparkly pop gems, retro-delic and Hammond-licious. Now, where are my go-go boots?


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