Supersuckers / Electric Frankenstein

Supersuckers / Electric Frankenstein

Welcome To Splitsville!

The Music Cartel

Electric Frankenstein has to be one of the most productive bands I’ve heard. For a while, it seemed like they were unleashing a new release every couple of weeks…

Of course, it’s not hard to pull a million moronic punk rawk songs out of your butt, but EF’s songs are genuine and heartfelt, the result of an overactive musical imagination (or lack thereof, some may argue) rather than some sicko compulsion to keep churning out “product.”

And in the other side of the ring we have The Supersuckers, Arizona transplants that managed to stud a punk bull to a country cow and have been selling the milk ever since. They’re not nearly as prodigious as Electric Frankenstein, but their anthems of stupid desperation are just as fun.

Which is why this split is a good good time. Ten songs (each band gets five) about all sorts of dumb stuff — romance, bar fights, uh, drinking? These are the kinds of song a raging adolescent writes when they’re confined to their room, breakup songs, getting back together songs, they-laughed-at-me-at-the-Academy-I’ll-show-them songs. You’ll cry in your beer then smash the glass on the floor!

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