The Break

The Break

The Break


Arrg! Raise your fist, pump it in the air, and yell “hell yeah!” The Break play the kind of music that makes you wish you looked liked Billy Idol, enough to do a really mean lip curl! Arrrg! Shiver me timbers! If pirates still sailed the seas and pillaged other ships, they’d probably be doing it while listening to The Break.

The famously side-burned Dirk Hemsath’s Doghouse Records has been known to put out some pretty diverse records over the last couple of years, having been a very “emo” label during the late 1990s; this is no exception. If you could imagine crossing Hot Water Music with Face To Face, you’d have a pretty good idea of what The Break sounds like. The songs don’t let up at all here, and it’s 100% rock & roll aggression.

These guys aren’t really setting any new benchmarks on the music map with this record, but who cares? From start to finish, The Break is P-U-N-K rock. When I think of punk rock, I think of aggressive bands like The Break; I don’t think of cornball bands like Bad Religion. Bed Religion’s music isn’t intimidating and doesn’t make me was to jump out of my chair and run aimlessly down the street… The Break’s music does.

Doghouse Records:

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