The Funerals

The Funerals

Pathetic Me


Whatever the latest wave of Brit-pop fops have delivered in teetering, moody rock has allowed for subtle undercurrents in music courtesy of acts like Icelandic natives The Funerals. Although the major exports from this chilly country include Björk and Sigur Ros, these guys serve up a side of lager-aided lightheartedness amidst these swaying, electro-folk works. Imagine those incoherent ramblings, love letters and scribbled, drunken poetry you’ve always wanted to commit to paper or song. Well, let these folks express that confusing mindstate for you.

Chimes from organs, moans from electric strings, Tom Waits-lite delivery and acoustic assembly all conspire to weave tales that could render most pub patrons speechless. “Mom” and “Greatest Bar on Earth” are gut-wrenching testaments to their inebriated lifestyles. Not for the faint of liver or shiny, happy people, Pathetic Me has eyes only for those leaving Las Vegas and almost lends a pitiful air to the listener, but get past the initial shot and you’re in for a buzzworthy time.

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