The Get Set

The Get Set

Down Marriot Lane!


I remember a time when things released on Crank! were usually angular, emotional, and very arty. This is not the case with the latest from The Get Set. These guys play a brand of European sounding rock & roll, played mainly in the vein of Oasis and The Beatles.

Down Marriot Lane! opens up with the very triumphant “Best Friend.” This track sounds very much like early ’90s British invasion bands, such as The Soup Dragons or Jesus Jones, yet it’s modern enough to really be great! What keeps these guys from sounding completely British is the lead singer’s vocals, which are very American, by way of New Jersey; this singer reminds me of a more subdued Bruce Springsteen.

Jangly guitars, loud and pronounced drums, and a relaxed mood characterize Down Marriot Lane!. It took me a couple of listens to warm up to this record. One song in particular, “Big Nothing,” made me an instant fan; it sounds very much like former Doghouse Records darlings Chamberlain. Nicely done. Recommended for just about anyone who likes laid back rock.

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