The World Inferno Friendship Society

The World Inferno Friendship Society

Just the Best Party

Gern Blandsten

Wow-eee! What is this thing? Boy oh boy, I’ve heard some weird music before, but this is about as weird as things get. The World Inferno Friendship Society play some crazy punk rock crossed with polka song phrasing, horns, trumpets, tubas (I think?), and a ton of other bizarre instruments.

Just the Best Party, while totally bizarre, does have a few really cool songs. “Secret Service Freedom Fighting USA” reminds me of late ’70s Elvis Costello stuff; jangly guitars, trumpets, awesome female backup singing, and a beat that causes immediate head bobbing. I could easily see this song on the radio, even contemporary stations! Really great song!

“Peter Lorre” sounds very much like The Pixies, with a very fast, driving beat, overdriven guitars, and Black Francis singing style (and the female backup vocals, of course!). This song is totally quirky and strange, but it serves as one the best examples on the record of just how really rockin’ this band can be.

“Just the Best Party” sounds like very early Cramps stuff crossed with Madness, with a dash of Misfits. For the first time on the record, chugga guitars appear and work wonderfully.

Like I said before, this is one of the most unique records I’ve ever heard. There’s a lot of crap on this record that the band could have left off; they would have been left with a stellar five- or six-song EP. Anyway, if you’re into the truly bizarre, give these weirdos a chance. I really enjoyed this.

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