Thee More Shallows

Thee More Shallows

A History of Sport Fishing


Megalon Records has released boldly released diverse musics in its few short years, and each release ranks highly — Loren Connors, Davey Williams, Ral Partha Vogelbacher… some groundbreakers all, and Thee More Shallows (as an attorney now mandates they call themselves) are also groundbreakers. How? Well, they combine that wonderful pop of The Pastels with that bleak vibe Godspeed conjure. Despite multiple listens to the CD, the lyrics never grabbed me in contrast to the sound that was all zenith/nadir, a real wooden rollercoaster ride on a slow drizzle day with a easterly breeze in a wilting sheer linen dress and the comfort of knowing, “yes, the cotton candy was tasty,” and “no, I’d better not try the Ferris wheel today.” Get it? Got it? Good.

Megalon Records:

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