Hi Monkey!.Net

Hi Monkey!.Net

I may never recover.

Just when I was beginning to feel jaded about the caliber of content available on the Net, I found Hi Monkey!.Net. Wonderfully charming, Monkey is a five-inch terrycloth primate who chronicles his many adventures (both in and outside his home) through digital photography and whimsical narrative text.

The Holidays With Monkey section spotlights some of Monkey’s favorite holidays — Cinco de Mayo, Rosh Hashanah, Easter, and Bastille Day. My favorite section is Monkey’s Costume Gallery (under Halloween). Monkey has a wonderful array of custom-made costumes, from author Daniel Pinkwater to a jellyfish and the Dali Lama to a marshmallow. Quite clever for a little monkey!

There is also the Cooking With Monkey section, featuring such yummy recipes (with step-by-step photos) as Crunchy Rice Crispie Treats, Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish, Sunshine Jello Salad (duly noted as not actually using real sunshine,) brie on a baguette (not just for Bastille Day anymore!) and guacamole and basic nachos. Mmmm, sounds tasty! And all prepared by the host himself!

Monkey goes on several expeditions, his photo-journals include his exploits at the Dallas Film Festival, visiting with Tibetan monks, his jaunt to New Orleans and meeting his new neighbors. For a five-inch terrycloth primate, Monkey has quite an impressive resume of adventures.

Not for cynical grouches, Hi Monkey!.Net is a delightfully cool drink of water in the desert wasteland of the Web.


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