2¢ Worth

2¢ Worth

Still Sick After All These Years


Mildly engaging old-school upbeat punk, a bit Ramones, a bit Pennywise, and a lot of sing-along. The fact that their songs more often than not feature guitar solos is at least something to help separate them from everyone else doing what is in essence the exact same thing, but that’s not all. They have a good ear for catchy melodies, are tight as hell, and refuse to take themselves too seriously. The fact that they seem remarkably content is reflected in their music as well — this is dance and party music more than fist-in-the-air, social-commentary punk, and so while you do get the furious blast-beats once in a while, this is a call to the sofa revolution, if anything. Hook-ridden, swaggering, smile-and-wave punk for the good times. We could probably do with some more of that, anyway.

AVD Records: http://www.avdrecords.com

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