Animal Life


27 introduces pop dynamics to their slo-core musings on this, their second album, and one that sees them moving around in lazy dreamscapes, sometimes successfully, at other times not so. As it is. More than a little reminiscent of bands like Low and Karate, 27 seem to operate more in a standard pop format than either of those bands, and at times they even bring to mind someone like Portishead, of all bands, such as on opener “No Water.” No mean feat in itself, that. Elsewhere, they’re generally more traditional-sounding and their songs drift by one by one, only occasionally doing anything particular to let you know they’re there. Part of it is lovely, such as the riveting “9 Mile Burn,” but too often the songs bury themselves in anonymity and self-effacement. Charming, but a bit too gentle and kind for it’s own good.

Kimchee Records: http://www.kimcheerecords.com

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