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Spiritual Life Music

Spiritual Life Music

Spiritual Life

About two years ago, Sean Dinsmore of the Dum Dum Project (you should check out his stuff) was telling me how I needed to check out spiritual house. But, being nowhere near New York, I never got a chance. So, pleading ignorance, I’m wondering if this is it. If so, consider me a convert. This two-disc compilation is a catalogue of Joaquin “Joe” Clausell’s label. It is deeper than the deepest house with mellow, yet danceable, grooves with tons of world music flavor all throughout. While keeping that 4/4 rhythm going, the soundscapes are vastly more complex than your usual dance factories, constructing sounds that are pleasant to listen to even in your home. The overall effect is a lush, blue, sensual haze that simply overwhelms you. There are some devastating tracks here by Daniel Moreno, 3 Generations Walking, Jephté Guillaume, and Nitin Sawhney. Clausell appears only once on the disc with “Escravos De Jo.” There are also multiple deep cuts by Mateo & Matos, African Jazz, Ola Jagun, and Heather Johnson, and the compilation also resurrects Ten City. These discs represent six years of the label’s life, and, if it properly represents their work, I do hope that Spiritual Life blesses us by becoming more prolific.

Spiritual Life Music:

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