3rd Degree

3rd Degree

Radio 7


Straight out of what looks like the pages of Tiger Beat comes this poor, vapid excuse for pop/rock. Think $50 haircuts, stretch limos, cell-phone glued publicists and smiley glad-hands, then you’ll get an impression of the hard knock life this quartet deals with. Sure, image and music should coincide in some cases, but in 3rd Degree’s situation, it seems the latter has been forsaken and withered into derivative rock radio material. It might seem a bit cruel, but this record seems almost like a practical joke implanted to prove the dichotomy between good and bad music in the industry today.

It is hardly worthy to even dwell into individual numbers, because each track sounds like it was lifted from another “modern rock” band like Eve 6, Train, Goo Goo Dolls, or Blink-182. Save your pennies, because I’m sure Pac Sun or Wet Seal will soon be giving this CD away with the purchase of a Billabong shirt and Oakley sunglasses.

3rd Degree: http://www.3rddegreerocks.com

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