My Way

Force Inc.

Much like Britain’s Matthew Herbert, Montreal’s Akufen (née Marc Leclair) has an odd knack for making the experimental seem mainstream. Leclair’s “microsampling” style is an odd neo-environmentalist’s audio recycling program, taking samples from everything on the radio — be they talk shows, advertisements, static, whatever — and blending them into a minimalist 4/4 house beat that will truly rock you (just as the aforementioned Herbert has done with bodily functions and home appliances). It is fairly difficult to pull off minimalist tech/house because it can so often lead to droning somnambulism. However, Akufen has a clever way of peppering the beat with just the right shum-shum to keep everything intriguing and moving. And his microsampling on “Deck The House” is absolutely brilliant — where a seeming cacophony repeatedly builds upon its own destruction until ultimately the structure becomes one of the funkiest songs you’ve heard in years. My Way is an absolutely brilliant (especially for a debut) work that will hopefully establish Leclair the way Bodily Functions did for Herbert.

Force Onc.: http://www.force-inc.com

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