Baby Anne

Baby Anne

I’m About to Break


A nice little 66-minute mix disc here from Orlando’s “Bass Queen.” She moves nimbly through these tracks, mixing things together delicately and running the gamut from hip-hop-house (Tony Faline’s “Downdiggydown”) to bass music (“Sedona” by Dynamix II is a pretty sweet little piece of Roswell paranoia) and chugging-hard Moroder-esque techno like “Turn the Lights Down” by Trinity Hi-Fi. It all flows together, and it’s all quite harmless.

She repays a favor to her mentor, DJ Icey, by including his “Thor,” but it’s not that strong a piece; it sounds like Fluke, and that can’t be good. More impressive are her own two tracks; “Fury” sounds like R2D2’s love theme, and “She Said” might make my next mix tape, with its little stabby synth lines and messed-up vocal snippets. Truly, the student has surpassed the master.

Not the hardest damn thing I’ve ever heard, nor the most soulful. But this will move your ass for you, and that’s a relief in these troubled times.

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