Beat Crusaders

Beat Crusaders

All You Can Eat


Power pop from Japan, sometimes really great, sometimes not so. Opener “GTS” sounds like early ’90s, post-Madchester stuff, which is a good thing. Think Jesus Jones teaming up with Super Furry Animals without the weird bits. And “Firestarter,” which comes next, is a great Beatlesque, Cheap Trick kind of thing that’s instantly lovable but may prove to be a pain in the neck if you hear it one time too many. And that, I guess, may be the problem with this album, that there are a bunch of really great, hummable tracks on here, but they may be too accessible for their own good. One does tend to tire of things like this. That said, this is a lovely day, it’s sunny with no clouds in sight, the temperature’s killing me, and Beat Crusaders feel just right. 24 minutes and 11 songs of brilliant power pop mastership. Sometimes that’s just what it takes.

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