Reaped In Half

Tee Pee

Straight-ahead, aggressive-with-a-smile styled classic metal from Boulder, this one. And while you’ve heard it all before, it’s done with a certain classy grit that gets the job done. Most normal people will probably lose interest in too much of this thing pretty quickly, and it certainly is a bonus that the album clocks in at just over half an hour. And so, as it is, this is an effective run through punky, early metal riffs and post-NWOBHM basic aggro-metal — think a no-prog UFO teaming up with Accept, and you’re just about there. The sound is a bit too dry and the production’s not too impressive, but that’s no big deal, really, and may in fact only add to the classic old-school feel of the album. And if they seem to hold back once too often, the closing track “Back for the Show” proves that they are able to let loose on record when they care to.

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