Brazilian Love Affair 3

Brazilian Love Affair 3

The Essence of Brazilian Chill Out

Far Out

After having recently seen Bebel Gilberto in concert and cheering the national team during the World Cup (Ol=E8, ol=E8, ol=E8, ol=E8)= , I’m having a little bit of a Brazilian love affair myself. It has taken me a long while to actually warm up to the music. At first, only hearing sappy Sergio Mendes and life-draining MPB, I hated the stuff. It seemed like a lot of good African percussion being drowned in a vat of maple syrup. But with the fantastic grooves coming from Ziriguiboom (Bebel, Suba, and Zuco 103) via Six Degrees, the cool-ass lounge scene, and Brazilian beats, I have started digging deeper than and past MPB to discover there are parts of the South American country I like visiting (especially Black Rio).

This brief excursion is also well worth the price of admission. The third installment of the Brazilian Love Affair series is that tall glass of lemonade to soften these sultry summer nights. A choice chance to chill with some of the country’s best, most innovative artists. There’s a little bit of everything here for folks. Max de Castro and Jairzinho Oliveira dabble with R&B hybrids while Wilson Simoninha gives us some “B-Funk” with “Aquele Gol.” Nina and Chris with their dreamy “Agua,” beautiful Luciana Mello’s sing-songy “Calados,” and Joyce’s anthemic “Samba De Silva” all offer up that classic samba sound. Da Lata and 4 Hero appear for remixes of =46riends from Rio 2 and Azymuth respectively. There’s the nice, understated drive of Gogo’s “A Nova Estrela” and a little dance/jazz provided by Los Ladrones and Grupo Batuque.

I don’t know if Cupid will shoot you in the ass with this disc, but you should definitely stick your ears out to give it a listen.

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