Cadillac Blindside

Cadillac Blindside

These Liquid Lungs

Fueled By Ramen

Hot Diggity Dog! Cadillac Blindside start kicking your ass immediately on These Liquid Lungs, so make sure you’re wearing an adult diaper to soften the blows! “Weilders of the Poison Pen,” the track which opens the album, is a ferocious romp of fast paced, melodic post punk, similar to pre-“Bleed American” Jimmy Eat World’s faster paced stuff. These Liquid Lungs never lets up, delivering one hard rocker after another, to produce and incredibly fantastic album of aggressive emo rock.

This is the kind of record that makes me wish I was still a teenager (I’m a geezer of 25), going to shows and rockin’ out 24 hours a day. The songs are all sing-/scream-alongs of the highest quality, with grinding, buzzsaw guitars, huge and popping drums, and the lead singer sounds very much like the lead singer from Jimmy Eat World; in more ways than one, Cadillac Blindside are very reminiscent of early career Jimmy Eat World.

As I write this review, it’s hard for me to keep typing because I have the constant, unstoppable urge to pump my fist in the air every few seconds, making for a very strange situation. This is a 100% rocker, all the way through. Pretty much ALL punk rock fans should rock out with this one. Gutter punks, emo punks, metal punks, everyone, give this one a whirl; it’s truly a masterpiece of rock, regardless of your punk rock affiliation. Very well done.

Fueled By Ramen:

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