The Coma Imprint


What was that?! Candiria have received great accolades for their furious live shows, but taking this one and a half hour double-set in is quite a task. Still well worth the effort, mind, even though it may be a tad uneven at times.

In effect, this is a two-disc post-metal, post-jazz, post-everything brainstorm in search of a tune. Or so it seems. Like Captain Beefheart fronting a metal band, Candiria want to do everything and they want to do it now. On the track “Peel This Strip and Fold Here,” say, they kick off like a regular Fantomas doing traditional death metal before dropping into Kind Of Blue Miles Davis moods, only backed by Slayer. At other times, there’s the trash fusion of Mr. Bungle, or the conservative (speaking in very relative terms here) Alien Sex Fiend in turbo-mode.

Sonically exhausting, brimming with everything, you sometimes wish they’d slow down for a short while and finish up one idea before moving onto the next one. But that would ruin it, for sure, and the everything-goes-and-especially-if-played-at-once approach is ultimately what makes this album what it is — a challenge, obviously, but a fun ride as well. And so, already by the time they pull out the old-school Chuck D rap styling for “Bring The Pain/Multiple Incisions” — which doesn’t take them very long — you have surely surrendered to this whole, surreal, multi-manifold aggro-experience. Just plain weird, really, but in a good way.

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