Carte Blanche 3

Carte Blanche 3

Various Artists

Naked Music / Astralwerks

Shit, if Naked got any smoother, they’d be frictionless. This here is 15 different varieties of butter oozing hot and steamy out of your CD player. The epitome of chill. Blu Mar Ten lays the foundation of this ice sculpture with the smooth, jazzy atmospherics of the ill-monikered “Trauma.” Bum Bum gives us the exquisitely stringed and vibed-out “Light.” Stateless does their best brother-of-Duplaix-son-of-Michael-Franks imitation with “Fall Into You.” P’taah’s flower child groove train stops and drops off “Hold You Close” while the silky seduction soul of Central Living’s “Inside” leaves us feeling a bit late ’80s (and not in a dirty, Michael Milken way). Gaelle sounds a little like Michael before the cleft chin for the sweetness of “Falling.” Andy Caldwell, Onda, Streetlife Originals, Quant, and others all build this superior chill out session that oddly enough keeps you fidgeting to the deep grooves laid down on this disc.

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