Cave Catt Sammy

Cave Catt Sammy

Love Me Like Crazy


Oh, man, now I have to bag on some nice kids who have their hearts in the right place and are good at playing their instruments and everything. Cave Catt Sammy are four cute guys in their early twenties from San Antonio who play rockabilly in that Blasters/Stray Cats style that mixes sincere love of the original music with new musical technology. Stephen Scott has a wonderful swingin’ sense on the guitar, the band is tight and perfectly dressed, and singer Beau Sample is capable enough.

Songwriter Beau Sample, on the other hand, is the Achilles’ heel of this group. He relies on cliches the way I rely on coffee in the morning — if you’re not an original rockabilly guy, you just can’t do that. And he can’t claim youth and inexperience, because all those old guys were pretty young when they started. But not even Jerry Lee Lewis could pull off a chorus like “The guy’s got sticky fingers / He stole my gal and ran.”

So while this record is completely dragged down by corny lyrical mistakes, don’t give up on these guys. Maybe Sample will turn into a gifted poet and bring his good band to the next level. Yeah, and maybe Gene Vincent will rise from the grave and run for president.

Cave Catt Sammy:

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