DJ Jani

DJ Jani

Xperience 1: Amsterdam Wildlife Session

Wildlife / Black Hole Recordings

Now, I’ve been to Amsterdam and admittedly had a “wild” time. but the only thing that really distinguished it from wild times in other parts of the globe was not fearing arrest for my activities. So, I was curious how this house mix CD was going to be singularly Dutch (especially with the way the Sonar Kollektiv’s representing Germany and Sweden these days). Well, in all honesty, this disc is about as unique to Holland as, say, McDonald’s.

Let me make this clear, I admire Jani for two reasons: he has gone in two years from spinning in little, unknown Amsterdam clubs to joining Tiesto’s Black Hole label and falling into my hands and yours in the States; and he does have taste. With songs from Jakatta, Chew-Fu Phat, Etienne de Crecy, M&S, Wawa, and Jaimy & Kenny D., this is pure house, party fun with a serious disco feel. And Jani has a real nice mixing style that is nowhere near stereotypical. This is a disc that’ll get the adrenaline pumping.

But, if you’re looking for tulips or an extra A in your Harlem, Wouter here ain’t delivering. And Chicago, Detroit, NYC, don’t worry. Amsterdam’s not ruling the house any time soon.

Black Hole Recordings:

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