Drop Logic

Drop Logic

Fear & Sunlight

Abcess / American Music

Although I’m initially impressed by the sound coming out from the stereo — the first song rather effectively combines Warren G. with a mellower Rage Against The Machine — we soon enough slip into tepid Linkin Park land. Shame, really, that Drop Logic too often rely on nu-metal’s already worn-out sound when they on more than one occasion prove themselves to have a fine ear for writing heavy, melodic tracks. All that, though, is buried beneath layers of formulaic rock, designed for effortless consumption, and offering little more than an easy sing-along and some pre-teen headbanging. And while there are the occasional highlight — the opening song “Showtime” is one, and “421” receives points for ripping off Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is far better than ripping off Limp Bizkit — the album as a whole is a pretty dull, overtly bland affair. It’ll probably sell by the truckloads.

Drop Logic: http://www.droplogic.com

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