Cadaveric Necrogrind

World War III / Mercenary

Holy crap! This stuff is nuts! Totally chaotic and spastic grind/gore metal from the early 1990s. The production quality is a total mess, with the entire record sounding like all of the instruments were covered with sandpaper before they started playing. The vocalist’s growl is extremely low and almost inaudible, and I just can’t believe how sick this stuff is!

I can’t really say that Cadaveric Necrogrind is good or bad, mainly because it is what it is: a piece of early 1990s history, drawing up the blueprint for bands like Infamy and that sort to tear things up. Carcass and Autopsy are listed on the press release as having come from the same era as Entety, but Entety is way crazier than either of those bands.

I see Entety as the Sonic Youth of grindcore; it’s obvious that they were way ahead of their time, what with their passion for mathematical songwriting, out of control blastbeats, disgustingly barked vocals, and a sound totally unique, at the time (Confusion Is Sex by Sonic Youth fits this description, as well). Metal fans, get this just for the sake of having heard it. It’s really headache inducing and crazy, but it’s a really important and memorable piece of metal history. This is only for the most serious of metal fans.

World War III: http://www.ww3music.com

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