Ex Models / The Seconds

Ex Models / The Seconds

Split EP

My Pal God

This split EP is a challenge to listen to. Simply put, it is noise without direction. Unlike Sonic Youth’s punk experimentations in noise, The Ex Models and The Seconds seem to make noise to make noise.

The Seconds songs are the two with any reasonable direction; however, they are nothing more than rants accompanied by a Dick Dale-surf-guitar.

Like when Moe, the barkeep on The Simpsons, decides to remodel his bar, and Homer and his friends question the decor — psychedelic eyeballs and barstools hanging from the ceiling — Moe responds, “It’s postmodern.” Blank stares ensue. “Weird to be weird,” he explains.

“Weird to be weird” sums this recording clearly. Unless you are already a fan, don’t bother with this EP.

My Pal God Records: http://www.mypalgodrecords.com

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