Francois K.

Francois K.

Body & Soul – NYC Vol. 4


It seems like it was only a couple months ago that I was praising Francois K. for his deft handling of Deep & Sexy. Well, it looks like the old man ain’t about to quit, so I guess I can’t either. along with Joaquin “Joe” Clausell and Danny Krivit, K. has mixed another seductive set of the deepest house one can find. This session is perfect for the dancefloor and the deepest groove of night when the soul just needs more soul.

There’s some really nice stuff on this mix. Kenny Dobien’s “Father” is a moving Ten City/Vikter Duplaix-ish spiritual tune that moves ass and Holy Spirit alike. Nathan Haines’ “Earth is the Place” just keeps popping up where you most expect it (Francois must really have a thing for this song). The KOT mix of UFO’s “Flying Saucer” adds a beautiful groove to the hilarity. The Earth sister spoken word of Monday Michiru is perfectly complemented in Mondo Grosso’s “Star Suite” by the Brazilian beat-ed disco tunes. But the best damned song here has got to be the downtempo dub version of the Burning Spear classic, “Slavery Days,” by 3 Generations Walking. The female vocals are exquisitely mournful along with the weeping strings, slow-crawl bass, and conga bursts. The song (while feeling a bit out of place among all this dance music) has you near tears. I hope Spear gets to hear this one; I think it would put a smile on his face. It definitely did mine.

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