Hard Sessions

Hard Sessions

Volume 2


You’ve got to hand it to Shadow: they definitely never half-ass. When they call something “hard,” they’re not stuffing your ears with Twinkies. They’re piercing your cranium with beats that can cut glass. And this drum and bass collection is by no means any duller than the label’s usual downtempo productions.

The Sessions explodes with Hanna’s Psycho nightmare, “Voice Of Warning,” a John Wayne Gacy sort of terror song. Definitely not for the pacemaker set (the same goes for Droid’s “Lurch”). MC Plague does some fine toasting on two Forensic cuts (“Demented Flow” and “Inferior”). Icarus’ “Return 2” is simply sublime in its genius. And the percussion of Quentin’s Ladder’s “Divine Intervention” just pops out at you like the 3D Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Always on the edge, Shadow grabs your hand and throws you headlong into the artistry of some of the most forethinking artists around — no matter the genre.

Shadow Records: http://www.shadowrecords.com

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