Between The Senses


Occupying a similar musical terrain as Travis, Coldplay and even Starsailor, this four piece, originally from Cornwall England, reflect the ongoing divergence in taste between English and American bands, at least those receiving any major label promotion. Between The Senses finds the band following in the paths of artists such as The Verve in their soaring guitar lines and melodies, albeit ones without the fey singing that is so evocative of Travis and Coldplay. Not derivative of the aforementioned bands, but clearly an influence that tends to overwhelm their sound. The one quality that distinguishes them from the other bands is the lyrical delivery they employ. Singer Gary Briggs, delivers enough emotion in his lyrics that never delve too deeply in sentimentality or revel in cloying emotion. Throughout it all, the band supports the arrangement to the best of their ability.

Utilizing ace guitarist Johnny Marr to produce the album adds some variety in the approach and delivery. To the casual listener, many of these songs tend to sound alike, one after the other. One would hope for a more nuanced approach in the music, or at least clever or biting lyrics to clearly demarcate the tracks. Unless you find yourself to be an inconsolable Anglophile, or a fan of dreamy pop music, there is not a lot here that hasn’t been heard before, elsewhere. This is a good album, but not one clearly indispensable.

Virgin Records: http://www.virginrecords.com

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