Execution Protocol

Too Damn Hype

Migraine-inducing grind-core for the metal-heads out there, who like nothing as much as a solid dose of pain to liven things up. If not charming, this is one to admire for its sheer force and extreme brutality. And, as it is, once you get into it, you can’t stop moving around to it either.

Herod consists of five young and young-ish kids, from 20 to 26, and they’re impressively tight and heavy sounding considering that they got together quite recently to record this. They all have spent their formative years in a variety of hardcore bands, and that shines through on this release. Translating the spirit of punk and early hardcore into a metallic and aggro-sludge setting seems to do the trick, and Execution Protocol has turned into a rough but brilliantly thrilling ride through a hardcore landscape that’s already inhabited by metallic grinders as diverse as Burnt By the Sun and The Hope Conspiracy. Keeping good company, then.

Too Damn Hype Records: http://www.toodamnhype.com

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