Killing Heidi

Killing Heidi



Originally assigned to review this record about nine months ago, it slipped through my “to do” pile for reasons that escape me. After discovering I didn’t meet my deadline, I asked if I should review it anyway, even though it was no longer timely. My esteemed editor said, “No. Don’t worry about it. You are the least guilty of such things.” Or so it went.

Killing Heidi’s Reflector continued to haunt me in my sleep. “You piece of shit,” it screams from across the room like an unknown shadow in the corner that later turns out to be your dirty shirt on the back of a chair. “You didn’t review me. You probably didn’t even listen to me!”

I did listen to it. Again. And again, just to make sure. Frankly, I wished I hadn’t.

Reflector is a syrupy pop album relying way too much on a drab keyboard. It lacks originality from the irritating, passion-less vocals to the contrived use of a sitar.

After listening to it, I wondered if I had deliberately refused to review this album fearing I’d hurt the band’s feelings or fear that patriots from their homeland, Australia, where they are revered, would mob me. Obviously, if that was true, I’ve gotten over it.

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