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No disrespect, sir, but the dark days of Tuffy Tuff’s reign over Pittsburgh’s rap game is officially over. The entire tri-state area can now celebrate in dawn’s bright, new light, only to occasionally shudder in horror when we remember when “B-Boy Bad, B-Boy Hard” was the only rap to be heard from Steel Town. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my soul, dear Lone Catalysts, sirs, and your entire B.U.K.A. entourage. Finally, something that can make us Pittsburgh natives hold our heads high with pride.

No, Lone Catalysts aren’t the greatest hip-hop act to ever funk up a mic, but J. Sands and J. Rawls are damned good (actually better than this disc, which is a catalogue of old cuts). There are a bunch of nice tracks here (“Unity,” “Jimmy Hats,” “New Recruits,” and “Heirs”). There’s also a great, underground jam, “If Hip Hop Was a Crime.” And what this all tells me is that this duo can stand tall with any other hip-hop group out there right now, and, with them, Pittsburgh rap will one day loom larger than the U.S. Steel Building and shine brighter than the entire PPG Center.

Groove Attack: http://www.grooveattack.com • Lone Catalysts: http://www.lonecatalysts.com

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