LTJ Bukem

LTJ Bukem

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Good Looking Organization

This is a lovely collection of LTJ Bukem’s work, focusing on the rare stuff and a few unreleased takes from his past. One of the true pioneers of the first wave of drum n’ bass, Bukem was an originator of the brainy jungle scene that spawned this ever-debated genre. And now that d n’ b seems to be picking up again, with everyone from Timbaland to the Warp clientele apparently being influenced by it, this collection is a timely reminder of how it all began, and a good place for newcomers to discover the wonderful world of LTJ Bukem.

Like Roni Size, Bukem isn’t as raw sounding as the more hardcore infused styles that came after this, and his roots are solidly planted on jazzy, trippy territory. However, unlike Roni, he’s never been afraid of approaching his stylish material in a down and dirty way, as his classic “Logical Progression,” included here, effectively proves, all dirty breakbeats and hard-hitting repetitive moves, that shows off his Detroit-leanings. Bukem’s tracks have always been a combination of the two — elaborate and thought-provocative material delivered in a brash, expressive manner — as this collection so effectively helps to demonstrate.

And while some of the tracks are clearly intended primarily for the dance floor, most of the material included here shows the studio side of Bukem (that in no way necessarily stand in opposition to Bukem the live DJ), and should do wonders to your stereo, your head and heart.

Good Looking Organization:

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